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Jean Oursler

Accelerating Your Results Webinar



How to ‘Fast-Track’ Your Sales to Finish This Year Strong Even If You Took The Summer Off!

The Majority of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs want to rev up their sales NOW especially as we enter the fall; however, many dread getting back on the sales treadmill.  Sales is the life blood of any business so if you aren’t bringing in new business, then your company is not growing.  By learning to fast track your sales NOW,  you can finish the year strong.

You Will Learn To:

  • Fill the top your your sales funnel, manage the prospect through the middle of your funnel and turn them into a  signed client
  • Understand all aspects of your ideal client, where to find them and how to turn them into a paying client
  • Get over your fears, hesitations and obstacles so you can get the business that you want
  • Develop marketing programs both online and offline to position you as the expert and attract your ideal client
  • Get the accountability you need to build the business you desire

Bonus for joining the program:

  • Additional Bonus for signing up…choose from 24 free gifts offered by Sales Experts from Jean’s community (Valued at over $10,000 dollars)


Hosted by Jean Oursler

Jean, also known as the Queen of Results, is a leading expert on how to increase your sales to grow your business so you can live the life you desire.  Join us by signing up for FREE below!


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