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Jean Oursler






Could This Be You?

“I’ve owned my own business for years and I’m earning a living.  I wanted more than just a living, I wanted a life! I was thinking about a coach and business development plan but didn’t know where to start. I learned more from Jean in one hour on the phone than I figured out on my own over the last 3 years. I love training because that’s what I do best. When it comes to growing my business I now understand why I need a coach.”  –Steve T. Riverhead, NY


Why Lead Results is Important to You!

Are you sick of just getting by? Do you feel like everyone else is more successful then you? You know you need to improve but just don’t know where to start. Lead Results is the answer for you. Learn to How to Get Leads to Grow Your Business and Earn MORE!


Program Highlights

This online group program teaches you the advance skills necessary to compete in today’s ever changing world.

You Will Learn to:

  • Earn MORE Revenue thru Value Add
  • Leverage Strategic Partnerships for
  • Forecast and Track Revenues to Ensure Business
  • Develop Skills to Train and Lead Your Staff so You Don’t Have to Babysit Any
  • Automate Your Business to Grow Without
  • Build Your SECOND location with Little to No

This Solution Provides…

  Weekly 60 Minute Virtual Skill Building Session designed to develop ability to be a better CrossFit Owner so you can take your box to a higher degree of profitability.

 Forms, Tools and Proven Methods to help you understand your business better, be a better manager, systematize your business so your facility runs without you and so you can open another location when you want to


  A Monthly Coaching Session with your personal Maximum Success Coach so you get even more ideas and the personal advice you want.

  Access to a Private Group to provide you the opportunity to interact with group participants and to be able to ask questions 24/7.

 Lead Business Development System our unique approach to systematically growing your box and achieving dramatic results.


  Comprehensive Business Analysis so you better understand your key performance indicators and so you can better measure your results.

  Future Growth Assessment assists you in determining what you need to do so you can ensure success of your Box in the future.

Our Clients Will Tell You:

“I respect what CrossFit is all about because I’ve been an Affiliate for over 5 years now. I love the CrossFit brand and love what we bring to our members and to the community. But in the end, it’s all about growing my business and creating opportunity for me, my staff and my family. I love coaching, but I’m only one person, what happens if I get sick, or want to take a vacation? After assessing my business model I decided it was time for a fresh approach. After 3 months of Maximum Results, we developed a marketing plan with key performance indicators so I can track sales activity and follow up with a phone call. I could slowly see the changes taking shape, as I started turning over much of the day to day administrative functions, allowing my staff to interact more with my members and giving them the opportunity to take on more responsibility. I now view things very differently, looking at my Box like the business it was meant to be with definitive goals and objectives. Today, instead of relying on me to do “everything” I can focus on the “most important thing”, the continued growth of my business.”  –Tyler Mc. Mineola, NY

What Will Your Success Story Be?



Join Us Now!

Commitment Period – 12 Months

Your Monthly Investment – $595




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