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Could This Be You?

I have had experience with doing all sorts of advertising and marketing programs. I’ve done billboards, newspaper, Groupon and Living Social deals. All of them promise results and deliver nothing except for customers that want “a deal” and jump from Business to Business. Using the Jump In Marketing Results System, I filled my business with value high customers that made the commitment which expanded my business in ways I always wanted but could never achieve on my own.”   –Ryan L. Parsippany, NJ

Why Converting More Leads is Important to You:

How many new clients did you sign up last month? Have you realized that your ability to convert those prospects into full paying, loyal members may be lacking? This program teaches you the needed skills to covert the leads that come to your business into clients that stay with you and more importantly pay you.

Program Highlights

This online group program is teaches you how to convert new members all the time, every time!

You Will Learn to:

  • Convert Your Leads to New Members
  • Build Your Conversion Skills so You Know how to Sign Up New Members All The
  • Fill Your Pipeline and Convert them to Year Long
  • Grow Your Referral Network so More Members Walk Through Your
  • Learn How To Regain Lost Clients to Generate Easy

This 12 Week Program Provides…

 A Weekly 60 Minute Virtual Skill Building Session designed to increase your abilities to sign up more members and provide you with the exact skills, tools, forms, and methods you need to grow your Box by signing up more members!


 A Monthly Private Coaching Session with your personal Maximum Success Coach so you get even more ideas and the personal advice you want.

 Access to a Private Group to provide you the opportunity to interact with other group participants and to be able to ask questions 24/7.


 Business Growth Assessment to let you know where you are now and what you need to do to grow so you can get exactly what you need from the program.

 Market Analysis Questionnaire to assess your marketplace so you can better position your Box with your community.

Our Clients Will Tell You:

“Before Jean Oursler, we were adrift, waiting for the next person to walk through the door.  Jean and her staff have helped us to refine our sales message, created a members incentive program and taught us how to market for new clients.  In just 1 week, we generated over $23K in new business and added 10 new members!”     – Katie D. HJ CrossFit, NJ

What Will Your Success Story Be?


Join Us Now!

Commitment Period – 12 Weeks

Your Monthly Investment – $297



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